Watery Wednesday

Inawashiro Lake—A family fun filled long drive around Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

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Women’s Nike Gladiateur Mid sandal given by hubby for summer wear.

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Flower Garden

A colourful sight of Nasu Flower World.

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Loving PUMA

Hubby is into PUMA lately and it fits his personality ^_^

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I just love taking back shots!

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Black ‘n White

Playing with my Lumix G2–love it much!!

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Girl’s Talk—Emotionally

I’m afraid of making this entry coz I don’t post too much personal emotions ( except for what I feel about my kids and husband ) here at Kizuna most especially when I’m really, really down spirited. The thing is I don’t want to be seen as emotionally distraught—I am a softie, but I don’t want to be seen as one– gusto ko yung nagpipigil ng luha at ayokong ipakita. I think I’m emotionally unhealthy–hinde ako yung tipong nagsasalita ng marami. I don’t know why but I guess it’s just me.

There was a time that I was so emotional ( I guess hinde ko na talaga nakayanan ), I called a friend but asked her not to ask a question but just let her stay beside me while I was crying like river–after an hour, I feel a lil bit lighter in the inside. She didn’t ask, she cried for me,too but we didn’t had an emotional conversation but it’s enough for me to feel better knowing that she was there for me and faced tomorrow as if nothing happened. Thanked God for her..

It’s not all roses but those bothersome times won’t stay either. When it comes, let it pass. Tomorrow’s a new day.

A friend of mine told me that and I do believe so….Tomorrow’s a new day…

More emotion talks here at Girls Talk

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Kawaii Neko chan!

A favorite of mine during our fun at Nasu Animal Kingdom .

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My Buddy

We’ve been together for four years now and he’s my ‘ buddy ‘ ^_^

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Pretty Cure All Star

Watched Pretty Cure show live on stage– the kids had a blast dancing!! Can you name ’em all?

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