Girl’s Talk—Green And Me

I dunno if this green turtle neck gift from hubby suits me but it’s the only green that I have in my closet. I love greens in my surroundings though–our mother nature.  I can’t imagine a world without green in it.

— I soo love this face powder from Agnes B ( it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a powder and yet radiant ) and I find the ‘ b. green ‘ stamp on it so cute! ^_^ It comes with a color pearl balls then you gonna mix it with a brush or a puff unto your face.—

To see more greens join us only here at Girls Talk


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16 Responses to Girl’s Talk—Green And Me

  1. K says:

    i must seem like a total moron for asking this but what does the pearl balls do? Hee hee

  2. kha says:

    hihihi I am into Ms. K question too.. ^_^..
    the face powder is one of the best packaging I’ve ever seen..

    Happy GT

  3. mel cole says:

    I like mother nature too. Though our surroundings had green from Spring to Summer, but now it’s fading and turned to bright colors. You look good in your turtle neck Clarissa. I like the Shamrock designs in that round box. 🙂

    My Girl’s talk post here

  4. gilay says:

    same Q here with that pearl balls… heheheh.

  5. ferry'zWILL says:

    yay, Mommy clang ^_^ ano yan? hahaha ignorante ako sa face powder mo!!! hahaha!!!
    Take care ^_^

  6. haha… guess i’m the third girl in a row who are unfamiliar with pearl balls.. haha

    Thanks to Clarissa I knew it now. =)

  7. jongskie721 says:

    whew. a very cutie face powder ha 😀 ehehe

  8. Rossel says:

    honestly, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng blush with pearl balls. thanks for posting the picture.

    my entry is here, sis.

  9. Kero says:

    very pretty and refreshing!!

    i am drooling over the bronzer/face powder. ganda nga packaging…and it looks so smooth on skin.

  10. sheng says:

    hahaha! can’t help but laugh….i thought it was peanuts…sabi ko bongga nman kelangan bang ung peanuts sa ganitong lalagyan ilagay hehehe

    cnsya na po pirs tym ko makakita nitong face powder na toh eh…Happy GT Sis!

  11. Mommy Liz says:

    cute naman sau ang turtle neck ah. Kala ko naman kugn ano ang laman ng tin canmo, make up pala, hehehe!!

  12. vernz says:

    ahihihi… ganuun ba yun I’m a totally out of this planet when it comes to beauty products.. I just know those that are used commonly .. hehehe… Thank for this sistah…lol.
    GT here

  13. pinayexpat says:

    wow totally awesome post! very unique ung powder mo sis… feel ko na sia itry hehe.

  14. Earth says:

    hmmm.. can’t see the blouse much, but I’m all for the face powder, lol!

  15. hahai says:

    I’ve seen one of those pearl make-up but not of the same brand. It’s nice but quite expensive here in the PI…we’ll expensive for me 😀

    You look good in that turtle neck blouse 😉

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