Scenic Sunday—Three Storied Pagoda

Originally built in 1712, the pagoda underwent three major repairs in 1801, 1812 and 1858. JIMON carvings may be seen engraved on it’s pillars, architraves and the likes. The end of rafters are ornamented with dragons carved in the full round. On the wooden siding walls are the sculptures of the sixteen RAKAN or Buddha’s disciples who attained Nirvana.

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4 Responses to Scenic Sunday—Three Storied Pagoda

  1. niko says:

    wow clang!! super ganda!! nkakakita lng ako ng tulad nito sa binondo eh 🙂 but not as beautiful as this!!!!

  2. jo©o says:

    Hiya Clarissa,

    That must have been a lovely visit for you, seeing that iconic structure so close by.

  3. kerichojoy says:

    Lovely close up shot of the pagoda.

  4. dondi045 says:

    I dreamed of visiting Japan someday. I love to see the big pagodas too. BTW, thanks for visiting my Music Monday!

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