Girl’s Talk–Violet And Me

Violet is a fave of mine  and I really love the combination of black and violet the most!  I also have a friend who loves violet and the color reminds me of her. ^_^

A recycled photo from my previous post: Women’s Nike Gladiateur Mid sandal given by hubby for summer wear.

To see more violet join us only here at Girls Talk


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16 Responses to Girl’s Talk–Violet And Me

  1. bonz says:

    i like the purple top 😉

    here’s mine GT – Next… Purple

    happy GT!

  2. mira says:

    You look so cute in that picture wearing a purple combination! 😀 And those shoes look real artsy and modern. I think even the flowers behind you have a slight tint of purple. 🙂

  3. kha says:

    you look gorgeous in this picture. at ang ganda ng gladiator sandals it.. 🙂

  4. nuts says:

    here pala is the home for GT. I think my first time here.. I dig your archive in your other blog.. :p
    I love your outfit..hihi.. i’ll copy your outfit ha. black and violet pala goes well together.. 🙂

  5. Limberella says:

    you look good in your purple, pang fb primary pic. hehhe..and i love your nike gladiator mid sandal..=)

  6. Earth says:

    hmmm… i love your sandal. your hubby is really thoughtful. nice post!

  7. vernz says:

    hello, more than the shoe Klang… your background is awesome …. thanks for dropping by. God bless your family more.. kasi mabait ka!

  8. gilay says:

    woe… lady in purple… love the sandals… 😉

  9. kayce says:

    Wow! i just love your Nike Gladiateur Mid sandal mommy clang!

  10. Willa says:

    Love the shoes sis! Carry mo ang violet/purple kasi you have a liter skin than me. 🙂

  11. claire says:

    wow, purple gladiator sandals.. ang cute.. and you look beautiful too 🙂

  12. pinayexpat says:

    hi, am your new follower from GT! Nice to visit ur site..
    I love those purple sandals too.. tc!

  13. niko says:

    kkatats naman at ako ang naaalala mo pag nkkta mo ang purple 🙂

    bagay sau ang lavender ha!! at ang iyong gladiator sandals ang gandaaaaaaaaaa! bigla akong naglaway clang!! haahahhaah

  14. K says:

    i believe i already mentioned that i love the sandals. but i love the top more! it looks very comfy! and yes, perfect nga ang black and purple! teka the shorts you sent me was black pala. galing!

  15. yobib says:

    sabi ko na nga ba maglalaway asawa ko sa sandals mo eh! 🙂

    salamat sa dalaw clang!

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