Women’s Nike Gladiateur Mid sandal given by hubby for summer wear.


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3 Responses to Gladiateur

  1. niko says:

    super nice nmn!! i love the color dear.. my fave! hihihih

    eto na pala new balay mo online!! waaaah link ko na agad to! hihihi
    miss u clang!

    nkaleave ako sa work since monday. si yobib may sore eyes na rin today 😦 kulong kming tatlo sa house. hayz

  2. Yami says:

    Nice sandals, Clang. Oo nga may bago ka palang blog. I’m happy to visit you here today. 🙂

  3. K says:

    ay. anu ba yun hindi pa pala ako nakacomment dito. hehe. ayun. aylabeht! über!

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