Girl’s Talk—Emotionally

I’m afraid of making this entry coz I don’t post too much personal emotions ( except for what I feel about my kids and husband ) here at Kizuna most especially when I’m really, really down spirited. The thing is I don’t want to be seen as emotionally distraught—I am a softie, but I don’t want to be seen as one– gusto ko yung nagpipigil ng luha at ayokong ipakita. I think I’m emotionally unhealthy–hinde ako yung tipong nagsasalita ng marami. I don’t know why but I guess it’s just me.

There was a time that I was so emotional ( I guess hinde ko na talaga nakayanan ), I called a friend but asked her not to ask a question but just let her stay beside me while I was crying like river–after an hour, I feel a lil bit lighter in the inside. She didn’t ask, she cried for me,too but we didn’t had an emotional conversation but it’s enough for me to feel better knowing that she was there for me and faced tomorrow as if nothing happened. Thanked God for her..

It’s not all roses but those bothersome times won’t stay either. When it comes, let it pass. Tomorrow’s a new day.

A friend of mine told me that and I do believe so….Tomorrow’s a new day…

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12 Responses to Girl’s Talk—Emotionally

  1. Mama Ko says:

    I used to be like that clang and it's really hard to control my emotions. but when i get married, and far from any family and friends it seems like crying is my only outlet to let go my emotions.

  2. Dhemz says:

    I second the motion kay tsang shy….hehehe….:)it feels great pag imo mailabas ang imong bug-at nga gibati…ehehhe!

  3. wow Ms. Clarissa teary eyed naman ako don, hahaha..Nakarelate kasi ako sa nangyari, may friend din akong ganyan, same as you. She called me and told me don't ask anything and she cried out loud hahaha.. then eventually I cried na din… Very strong ka naman Sis Clarissa, kasi ako I can never hide my feelings especially kapag EMO… so thumbs up ako dyanHappy Girls Talk

  4. Cecile says:

    I think everyone has a friend whom they can talk to with anything and everything….they are there to listen and not judge :-); what a good feeling after we pour out our feelings knowing our secrets are safe with them….

  5. Vernz says:

    meron bang emotionally unhealthy .. healthy ka nga dahil alam mu yung emosyon mu … tama! iyak is an outlet ….. hehehe My GT is here

  6. Jenn says:

    It's really a blessing to have friends who will be there for us when we needed them. My GT post is up HERE.

  7. nuts says:

    during my younger days, super emo ako talaga, at sana ganyan din ako, tahimik lang. controlled ang emotions.. ma-drama ako eh.. hihi

  8. Is the line highligted in red a quote or did you come up with that? I love it <3Dearie, I know you don't want people to see your weaker/emotional side, but you know what? We (=ladies from GT) will still be there to support you no matter what :)Everyone has problems with keeping a balance in between our emotions, but that is part of being human πŸ˜‰ *hugs*Thank you for visiting my entry <3have an amazing weekend! xoxo

  9. Clarissa says:

    @Lucia:A friend told me that line and moved on.It's a very possitive thinking on my part and really helped a lot. I thank God for him for clearing my mind even without asking.@GT ladies:Thank you very much for your comforting words–writing these entry is a one step of coming out.I didn't buried it in my drafts. Thanks to K, I have expressed myself somehow.

  10. very nice post, parang full of emotions. Same here, ganyan din ako. Wala sa mukha ko kung may problem ba ako or wala. Pero since nagka-anak yata ako, parang ang dali ko na maging emotional, at kitang kita daw sa mata ko kung malungkot ako or what.. Hay nako, nakalimutan ko magpost sa GT.

  11. Gilay says:

    hi…Hi,I'm new here at GT…sobrang nakarelate po ako sainyo… I have been in that situation, just want to have someone be there to listen but not to ask anything… and I'm so blessed too that I have also a friend with a big ears that ready to listen… πŸ˜‰

  12. anney says:

    Lahat naman yata tayo once in a while e may pinagdadaanan emotionally at it makes us a better person. Yes tomorrow's a new day and we have to move on.

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