Girl’s Talk–Spiritually

Prayer is humbly speaking to God– when we pray we should speak to God from our heart… I am not a perfect Christian— I don’t (can’t ) go to church every Sunday, I don’t( can’t ) make confessions, I don’t ( can’t ) receive the Holy Communion and there’s no church near us and I live in Japan where most people are Buddhist and or no religion at all. I believe that God can hear silent prayers said in our hearts at any time and any place. Will God forgive me for not being so religious at all??

I pray whenever my heart moves me to thank and praise God and pray not only when I have problems or my faith is being tested. But when I pray, I really mean what I said. I’m not a perfect Christian but I’m trying my best to live by His laws.

Do you talk to God regularly? More here at Girls Talk


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13 Responses to Girl’s Talk–Spiritually

  1. bambie says:

    hi clang! i love your entry! pareho tayo halos…i don't really do much showy display of spirituality but i always talk to God in prayers.

  2. Hi there Ms. Clarissa, a honest entry have here Sis… ^.^I think being religious is not about going to church every sunday and so. Prayers is the best way to communicate GOD and thats the best effort I know God will appreciate more… Sabi nga nila, mas madaming maliligtas sa simenteryo kesa sa simbahan.. kasi sa simenteryo nag dadasal talaga ang tao sa simbahan daw kasi madami ang tulog… hihihi

  3. we're in the same boat.. you know naman here in Japan.

  4. Rossel says:

    same here, Clang. i can't remember exactly when was the last time we went to church. 2 or 3 taon na yata. i am not also reading the bible. but i am a follower and believer by heart.

  5. Vernz says:

    pag matanda kasi kausap mu yung spiritual dapat religious… heheheh… pero kung saan ka masaya Clang, naki Clang narin ako hahahaah,,, go gurl! mine is up at Woman’s elan vitalBTW, I’m having a Link Exchange Project, I’m inviting you to join, please visit Petty Things in Life and click the badge to join. Thank You and hope to see you.

  6. charmie says:

    pareho naman tayo.. i pray whenever i want to talk to him, not only with problems but also to thank him with blessing he showered me. God Bless 🙂

  7. imriz says:

    oopppsss, makikisakay nga po,mukang iisang bangka tayu, hihi. anyways, i've built up a religion in my heart:) ang mahalaga lang nman db ay kung sinu ba ang ating sinasamba. keep the faith,sisses:)

  8. Jenn says:

    Me praying about the blessings I receive and not all about the hopes and wishes is something I am glad to learn as well.My GT post this week is up HERE.

  9. K says:

    i'm sure if you live someplace where you have a church nearby, you would be going to church regularly. but, as you said, it doesn't matter where you are in order to pray. talking to God should not be restricted inside the church. after all, God is everywhere 🙂

  10. Aww, how I wish I could reach out your hand, Clarissa. But I am happy to hear that you didn't give up "PRAYING TO GOD". I admire your determination of doing it everyday, especially in your place that doesn't believe if God exist. Keep that up!

  11. Mylene says:

    Pag diyan nag mission ang asawa ko girl, invite kita attend hehehe…

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