LUMIX G2 Double Zoom Lens Kit (Black)

—Panasonic DMC-G2W-K—

After a weeks of banging my head of what camera to purchase for a beginner like me that suits my needs, I finally got one! And no, I’m not going into pro lol! I wanted a better camera that has more ‘room of the zoom’ which my digital camera didn’t had that much ( but I thought it was enough to our needs to use before ), and it must be light in weight and has an option to capture video clips . To my friends, your advices helped a lot. Thank you soo much! You know who you are ^_^
Collecting various of brochures, test drives, looking for good designs and of course the price hunting from one store to another ain’t an easy decision-making most especially if you have a limited budget. I don’t wanna go overboard financially that’s why I set a budget to buy for my camera. However, I would still use my Canon IXY 930 IS digital camera for snapping quick photos ( it’s a x-mas gift from hubby last year and it ain’t bad at all in the first place– I just wanted more of the zoom that is ). My kids will be using my 4 years old camera Canon IXY 810 IS and they’re pretty excited of exploring the camera.
Photo above is my new baby—Panasonic DMC-G2W-K it’ll be used to my kids important events at school ( which is the main ), my family adventures and trips, to my husbands car racing practices and I guess the one that would always be missing in action is no other than me for I will be the one holding the camera. I’ll be exploring the camera as of now and I hope to capture candid photos of my family^_^

—BRAUN 750CC-3 for my husband—

Thanks to K’s Denki, from the original price of 96,800 japanese yen, ’twas 3,ooo yen less as discount ) I was able to buy my husband an electric shaver BRAUN Series 7 ( good timing,’twas on sale that day ) as a present for Father’s Day, on his Birthday and on Christmas Day this year. All in one LOL!


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15 Responses to LUMIX G2 Double Zoom Lens Kit (Black)

  1. Enchie says:

    Congrats Clang! I know its really hard to choose a good camera that will serve our purpose and needs. Not a bad choice, especially because it is a double zoom lens package. Have fun mommy!

  2. melandria says:

    wow, really nice, hoping to have one of that someday. Super mahal lang kasi. hu hu hu. Sana magkaroon din ako ng maraming opps sa net. lOL.take care mommy clang!

  3. r u s s says:

    Shopping for gadgets is fun! Don't worry and don't feel bad. Personally, I think a gadget is always an investment. It's something that you would want to last for years, so there's nothing wrong with getting something of excellent quality 🙂

  4. Chie Wilks says:

    wow….what a nice new baby you have here sis..

  5. Rossel says:

    finally clang, nabili mo na rin ang gusto mong camera. i am happy for you.btw, i have an award for you. you can check it here…

  6. Clang bonga ng camera mo, pahirap nga niyan, didilaan ko just kidding. haay im drooling at your cam kasi can't afford ako niyan.

  7. Lulu Post says:

    nice cam mami clang… I surely can't afford one like this but okay lang kasi I prefer the sleek ones di bale na ang zoom thanks for coming by my "mansions"…. hahah dati din akong "lasenggera" kaso na rehab na ako wahahaha

  8. charmie says:

    ganda ng camera,love it..:)

  9. Wow, nice camera you got Clarissa, wish I could have one like that too. Must save. 🙂 Gusto ko sya 🙂

  10. Im so urayamashii… the best na tong nabili mo camera, the latest. Kung bibili din ako ng cam, isa ito sa mga best choices ko. Meron ka na rin lang dslr, lubos lubosin mo na gawing hobby ang photography.. nung point and shoo pa lang ang cam mo, magaganda na ang mga shots mo. Cant wait to see your photos.. if you want to back up your albums online, gawa ka account sa =) syempre andyan din ang flickr kaso may limit ang storage.

  11. bambie says:

    bonggacious ang cam mo clang! i almost drooled! LOL!☺ btw, i was finally able to write a review for kizuna (part pa din ng contest ko na matagal ng tpos!). if you want to read it, it's here:

  12. anney says:

    Wow! Bongga!! Ganda namn ng new cam mo! At naka discount ka pa!

  13. chubskulit says:

    Wow bongacious ang camera nating Clan ah hehehe.. I am envy lol.

  14. Dhemz says:

    the new baby is in the house…wohooo! my gosh…I can't afford this type of cam mami Clang…pang high end naman tong binili mo…kaya step back ako sa price…parang more than $1k ata to dito…weeeee! parang 1 year allowance ko na…nyahahhaa….:)looking forward to see some good shots…mwah!

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