Girl’s Talk–What’s Inside My Bag

A little peek of what’s inside my bag—I change bags all the time depending of where I’m going and if I don’t get my stuffs ready before the day, I’m always into rush that sometimes a remote control is inside my bag! LOL!

My bag given by my friend Leony ganda used on our outdoor adventures Tumblers for our mugi cha ( roast barley drinks ), baseball cap for me and since my kids is very active, I always have extra shirts for them, chouchou’s for their ponytail, towel, bandaids, mosquito spray, baby muhi ( for mosquito bites ) and of course, a digital camera.

—My Poppy Tartan Groovy Coach Bag for casual use ( last year’s birthday present from hubby) —

Here’s what’s inside my bag: My wallet, Atrix hand lotion, comb, Benetton camera case with my Canon IXY 930 IS digital camera(x-mas gift from hubby), Agnes B Green (face powder), Schedule Planner, Ballpen, Hello Kitty Bandaid case ( with band aids of course), Maquillage ( lipgloss), BVLGARI purse with OMNIA spray collection ( I use Amethyste, Crystalline depending on the mood but I love the scent of Green Jade the most ) and a capsule for my allergy.

What’s inside your precious bag? Share ’em at Niko ganda’s fun meme only here at


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23 Responses to Girl’s Talk–What’s Inside My Bag

  1. chubskulit says:

    Andaming laman hehehe..

  2. Marice says:

    how cute! 🙂 and mejo color coordinated 🙂u may view mine here

  3. Sis Clarissa, hulaan ko fave color mo?? ahmm pink??? hehehe, Love it.. and oww!! sis you know what am begging to have cam like yours, latest model of canon!!! but sad to say mukahang matatagalan pah!!!.. have a nice day kiotsukete :)♥♥Happy Girls Talk♥♥

  4. rossel says:

    i love your coach bag, your bvlgari purse and of course your canon digital cam, ehehe. lahat ng laman ng bag mo maganda, clang and kumpleto ha, may band-aid pa.

  5. Vernz says:

    hi sis, nanay na nanay may band-aid in case of dapa… hehehehe…My GT entry is here

  6. Miranda says:

    Hee hee, puro pink! 😀 Halatang happy Mommy.It seems even from your previous entries that all your things are cute – maybe because the products there in Japan are so cute.

  7. tatess says:

    halatang di ka mahilig sa pink. color coordinated at ang ganda tingnan ng gamit mo

  8. Kayce says:

    wow ang ganda ng bag mo mommy clang specially your wallet.. hehehe! at daming laman ha… You can View Mine Here

  9. alam ko blue ang fave color mo (like me) pero because of our pretty girls, parang dumarami ang pink stuffs. Kailangan nga may band aid lagi, lalo na sa age nina Haruka Chan na super genki.

  10. zoan says:

    hmmm dapat yung cam ko kasama sa mga gamit sa bag ko katulad mo, kaso umuwi kasi ng Bohol ang nanay ko, 93rd bday ng lola ko kaya pinahiram ko muna ehehe

  11. charmie says:

    wow ang cute ng bag at yong kulay.. crush ko at daming laman pa..

  12. Mommy Liz says:

    ang ganda naman ng bag mo. Kapag may mga anak talaga, daming bitbit, ako naman separate ang bag para sa mga kid's stuff, kasi baka mapigtas ang bag ko, sayang naman.. heto ang entry ko ha, basahin mo.

  13. Chie Wilks says:

    na-inlove ako sa mga bags mo sis…ung first bag is indeed for family adventures..i love the color very girly.. gusto ko rin ang color 2nd bag mo naman lalo na ang laman hehehheposted mine too…it's here

  14. jganlising says:

    wow dami dala dala everyday…nung baby p mg akids ko ganyan dn kadami dala ko ahahaha =))nweis thnks for the visit and YES i love artscow!!! =))

  15. nuts says:

    i like the one for outdoor adventure.. so nice at ang daming laman.. carry all bag.. 🙂

  16. Sherry says:

    sis love your bag and your stuff :Dthanks for visit loveandthoughts 😀

  17. Dhemz says:

    whoaaaaaaa…pagka daghan sa paraphernalia woi…hehehehe…pede pahuwam sa imong bag…ehehehe!

  18. Ganyan talga siguro mga nanay ano, dala dala ang buong bahay sa bag hehe. band aid, tambal ug unsa pa.

  19. Lucia ♥ says:

    I so totally do know the Anime which pic is on those bottles 😀 hahahaha! Carrying so many things around with you? You couldn't be more of an girly girl <3Hope you're having a nice weekend :)xoxoU may find my entry here ♥

  20. anney says:

    Punong puno ah!! dami laman!hehehe!

  21. momikoito says:

    wow! so girlie… luv it…

  22. niko says:

    gusto ko lng sabihin, gusto ko ung bVlgari purse na yan. susyalen!! hihihihmiss u dear!! hope we can catch up sa ym By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us. Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead sooon!! hiihih 🙂

  23. eden says:

    I hand band aids too all the time in my bag for emergency use. Ang daming laman ng bag mo at kompleto pa. Ako palaging makalimutan ang camera..hehehe.. Love your couch bag.

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