Girl’s Talk–Inside My Wallet

—My simple black Hiroko Koshino wallet ( gift from hubby )—
What’s inside my wallet: Aquamarine Passport( a year passport and just had a renewal), Maruto point card and Waon point and electronic cash card ( what I love about WAON is that while you shop you can earn points that can be converted into cash ), Famitan Card ( families with children living at Fukushima Prefecture only is eligible to receive this card and it is used to get discounts and services from participating shops in Fukushima Prefecture by presenting this card ), TOYS R US point card ( for some kiddie stuffs ), MisDO Club point card ( I’m a die-hard fan and earned a lot of points from Mister Donut ), NIMIUS stamp pointcard ( brand shopping ), Comme Ca Ism point card( Japan brand clothing ), Bikkuri Donkey stamp pointcard ( family restaurant ), Big Apple stamp pointcard ( hairsalon for my rebonds and trimming) and A.V.V. Michel Klein Paris pointcard ( my fave brand in clothing line).

Are you expecting credit cards here??Nahh!! I don’t have that ‘magical card’ lol! All I have inside my wallet aside from these pointcards (which is common here in Japan) is my health card ( used to hospitals for check-up ) and Eiju card ( permanent residency) and both cards are used as my identification card. ^_^

What’s inside your wallet? Share ’em at Niko ganda’s fun meme only here at


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19 Responses to Girl’s Talk–Inside My Wallet

  1. Willa says:

    I'm a credit card free as well.What I got is the toys r' us! πŸ™‚

  2. genefaith says:

    same here sis no credit cards only debit..cute ng wallet mo sis..ako din maraming membership cards to get rewards that will be convert to cash:)

  3. LingLing says:

    I also don't own any credit cards πŸ™‚ Well basically they are no big deal here in Slovakia anyways πŸ˜‰ and I like those beads on your wallet β™₯ Were they a part of it already or did you put that detail there yourself?

  4. Clarissa says:

    @Lingling:It's a power stone given by my Japanese friend here–she told me to put the charms close to my body as possible.The ones that you're always love to bring with you like cellphones but I don't have cp in hand so they're at my wallet.Girls, thanks for dropping by!^_^

  5. Miranda says:

    That's a lot of cards πŸ™‚ Me too, I don't want to use credit cards; I don't trust myself with one, hee hee.Thanks for checking out my GT entry! πŸ˜€

  6. gorgeous_MHE says:

    hahaha… The mister Donut card… My sister used to have that one before.. ewan ko lang kung meron paba nito… ang bulky ng wallet mo Sis… inggit ako kasi ang daming pedeng ilagay…Happy Girls TAlk

  7. zoan says:

    wow, bulky nga πŸ˜€ sobrang dami ang laman.. yung sakin din dati ganyan, that's why i clean it from time to time para i discard na yung mga di na nagagmit

  8. Kayce says:

    wow ang daming laman ng wallet mo mommy clang! nice wallet you have din!

  9. kikamz says:

    hello mommy clang! thanks for your visit. tagal2 na rin ako di nakakablog hop dito. pasencya na. i like your wallet. very simple. naku, jan talaga sa japan, ang daming point cards. pang engganyo sa costumers. ako rin, nung anjan pa ako, puno ng point cards ang wallet ko. lol!

  10. nuts says:

    i don't have credit card too, only debit and atm card. i'm too scared to use credit card..

  11. Chris says:

    wow, daming laman! akin, pera lang talaga e πŸ˜€

  12. rossel says:

    pareho tayo, clang. wala din akong credit cards. do ako pwdeng magkaroon nyan kase mababaon ako sa utang.

  13. AC says:

    wow! nagulat ako, upon reading the thread eh madami palang di gumagamit ng credit card, and isa ka pala dun ate clang? ako naman always credit card… though I use it as cash kase tuwing due date, fully paid agad kailangan… kumbaga, dinedelay ko lang tapos while using it, may points din kaya oks naman… siguro nasa paghahandle lang yun noh? meron kaseng gumagamit ng credit card as talagang utangan eh… kaya nababaon… btw, i like your wallet! and if I do have one, I want it like yours… gusto ko din bulky! hehe…

  14. like your wallet's design and texture…very cute!

  15. niko says:

    gusto ko yang lucky charm mo!!! hihihi. ur wallet doesnt look like 3 years old ha, prang kkabili lng ni fafa yochan.. hihihibdw, next Thursday will be my last stint as the host of Girls Talk, I shall see you with your post on what’s inside your bag.. can’t wait to see your fab bag actually.. =) please stay tuned for the revelation on who will be the new host and the new home of GT starting july.. but I still will be joining GT so I shall not miss your post! Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Happy weekend girl!

  16. Dhemz says:

    ayay! super dami ang laman…pede hiramin yung 200 bucks mo mami Clang…I mean your 20000 yen…lol!still looks new….cute wallet

  17. anney says:

    Kaya pala bondat ang wallet mo sa dami ng cards! hehehe!

  18. same tayo ate, mga point cards din from different malls, supermarket, etc. Lucky color din ang black kasi it means money daw.. purple and pink din kaya yung sa kin purple pink =)

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