Girl’s Talk–Vanity Kit

I don’t usually wear make-up when going outside, I only have them inside my vanity kit. They’re from Agnes B —not too much but they’re good enough to make me feel better and look better of myself ^_^

1: Agnes B Monobulle ( eyeshadow) I love to mix and match with them.

2: Agnes B Liner Metallic (eyeliner pencil) I’m a sucker of eyeliner pencil!

3: Agnes B Embellisseur Sourcils ( eyebrow pencil)

4: Agnes B Hydra Jelly ( lipstick ) I only have two shades of lipstick but I use glossy stick( lipgloss) most of the time.

5: Agnes B 3D Intense ( mascara) For formal use only lol!

6: Agnes B L’Enlumineur Opale (moisturizing viel opal glow)

7: Agnes B Lolita Brush Set (eyechip, cheekbrush, lipbrush)

What’s inside your vanity kit?

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