Happy Birthday, FABbieLOUS Momma!!

Dear Bambie,

We’ve known each other for a year here at blogosphere and I wanna thank you for opening a whole new world of friendship to me. I hope your day is filled with laughter and love. Thank you for being my friend ^_^

バンビが 嬉しい時も、悲しい時も、一番さいしょうに あたまに 浮かぶには 私でありますように。

Happy Birthday, Bambie!

With Love,


Happy Birthday
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Send some lovin’ by clicking the linky badge and greet her a Happy Birthday ( today May 13 ) at her sites! She would be the happiest!!^_^


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, FABbieLOUS Momma!!

  1. Happy Birthday mommy bamz, im sure birthday pa yung fabulosang ina sa mga bisita nya.

  2. Thanks so much my dearest =) domo arigatou.. sobra na ang nabibigay mo sa kin, domo arigatou =)

  3. chubskulit says:

    Mama Bams is one sweet Momma, may God bless you Bams!Nga pala Clang, you can still join the contest, we can work something out pag ikaw nanalo hehehe..Last but not the least, I am inviting you on the kick off of my Nostalgia Meme this Thursday. Check mo na lang sa Nostalgic Marveling blog ha.. mwah!

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