Girl’s Talk–Last Time I Pigged Out

—Pigging out also means supplying alcohol drinks into my system, Nama Shibori Kiwi Sour—

The last time I pigged out was going into a Yakiniku restaurant ( again! ) for two consecutive weeks in a month–our family usually goes out for yakiniku treats ( top notch quality and pricey meats ) at Za-Za once a month but this time we went to Gyu-Kaku twice coz there was a campaign goin’ on there and it’s still running up to May 5, 2010 ( to all my friends in Japan, don’t miss and grab the chance until Golden Week! ) We ordered pitoro, miso harami, kalbi, horumon, oxtongue, veggies, etc ( sorry, didn’t had the chance to picture all the food coz there’s a lot of people around us and the seat wasn’t private) but I’ve only had 2 glass of mixed drinks–nama shibori kiwi sour and nama shibori grapefruits sour (nama -shibori shochu based ( distilled drinks )) and of course, a heavy drinker like me doesn’t end there…we went to the nearest convenience store and bought some beer and popcorn and extended the party at home! It’s hard to have a drink outside then you have kids saying ‘ Ni hai made dake da yo!’ ( limit of two alcohol drinks only )LOL!

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8 Responses to Girl’s Talk–Last Time I Pigged Out

  1. WOW naman… di pa kami nakakapag Yakiniku nina Sis.. pero super food trip galore kami since dumating sya kainis.. for sure, masarap yung pinupuntahan nyong Yakiniku kasi mahal.. YUng Gyu-kaku din ok lang, baka pupunta din kami dun dahil ang dami nare-receive na CM mail ni Hide from Gyu-kaku hehe.. LOve ko din ang sour drinks, lalo na ang nama grape fruit sour.. kagabi naman, tinry ko yung Mikkan Sour.. Kakatuwa naman ang mga pretty girls, lol.. katuwa ang hirit nila hehe..

  2. Cecile says:

    never heard nor tried these foods you mentioned, but knowing you, Clang, am sure they are so yummy!

  3. Rossel says:

    naku kahit hindi ko naiintindihan yang mga pagkain na yan e sigurado akong masarap. sana clang next time na umuwi ka dito sa Pinas e magkainuman tayo, ehehe.

  4. Mylene says:

    Heavy drinker ka pala mommy! Pede kita sabayan, pero sa pulutan lang hehehe…

  5. redamethyst says:

    tagal ko na ring di nakakainom ng marami, parang nung february lang! hehehe

  6. tatess says:

    sama ko sa inuman .kayo bahala sa drinks at ako uubos ng pulutan.

  7. (✬._.✬)Hello, my blog site had been idled for a couple of months now. And I am sure that I am BACK. Care to visit my newest post, THANK YOU!(✬._.✬)

  8. anne says:

    Hehehe may japanesse food dito sa amin pero gosh ang mahal masarap siguro yan ano hehehe

  9. Vernz says:

    ang mahal kaya ng japanese food dito… kasi naman mahal yung bayad sa chef … LOL… I miss drinking … my system is too weak already for this .GT: I’ve Always been …

  10. niko says:

    weeeeeeh! katuwa ang pig out mo eat and drink all u can ang drama hihihlhat ng sinabi mong food di ko pa natitikman waaaaaaaaah. patikim!!! hahahhaaArtsy NikoNiko's Home

  11. that's sounds good: Nama Shibori Kiwi Sour, is it really sour?

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