Girl’s Talk–My Firsts

It’s been awhile that I haven’t posted an entry for Girl’s Talk and I don’t want her to say something on our meeting and so I must have a post of all My Firsts here– all in one for this month lol! ^_^

My First Crush and First Date

I was on my highschool days when I met my first crush, Teofilo—he was a senior of me and I was in my junior and I know this might sound stupid but I really asked him out to be my partner during our Junior-Senior Proms Night. So stupid right? It was embarrasing, I was blushing and all that but he agreed to be my date–it was his first to be asked by a girl, he said. And so I asked a bakla friend of mine to do my make up and my hair done and even borrowed a cocktail dress for the special event to look perfect to his eyes! I was flying in ecstacy seeing him on his formal wear and walking towards me for a dance! My dear! It would be very difficult for me to get down to earth from cloud nine ( ang luma ko lol!) when we had our dance during the Prom night! He dropped me at home after the dance party on a pedicab ride and he was gentleman enough to held his hand and I smiled back…but all of a sudden the next thing that I remembered was my knees were bleeding–naipit ang heels ko sa butas ng bulok na pedicab! My first crush on my first date– I am all red and blushing…. with embarrasment! (T_T)

My First Kiss and My First Boyfriend

My first kiss was my first boyfriend, J–J was introduced to me by a friend during my highschool days and we saw each other almost everyday and time went on we started hanging out as friends then eventually he became my first boyfriend. He picks me up at school every morning and dropped me back at home after school and that is everyday! He’s close to my family and I’m close to his family,too. He invited me to go to a disco (OMG!Ang luma lol!)on a Friday night, we danced and enjoyed each other together with some of our friends. The weather wasn’t my bestfriend that time, the rain started to fall and decided to drop me back home using his motorcyle and we’re all wet. I was ready to go but he held me back and kissed me–it was my first kiss….and was amazing…
We dated for over 2 years and a half and just like any lovers, we had ups and downs. But the thing is he’s becoming more and more possessive–he had so many bawal to me. He doesn’t like me wearing shorts in public and sleeveles and or any sexy clothes. He’s jealoused to any guys that I talked to and finally decided to break the relationship. I needed some space to breathe…A months later, we talked as friends and told me that he’ll be going to America and finish his studies there. A year later I heard from a friend that he’s getting married and that his fiance’ is pregnant. My goodness!! Natatawa ako sa kagagahan ko dati lol!

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Girls Talk


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11 Responses to Girl’s Talk–My Firsts

  1. gorgeous_MHE says:

    3 Topics in 1 entry…hehehe> Good thing you're First date and Crush didn't refuse to be with you during your JS prom… mas nakakahiya un….hehehe

  2. Reena says:

    wow, a kiss under the rain! never ko pa natry yun ah. hahha…oo, buti nlng. you have a happier life now. 🙂

  3. hahah:D nakakatawa ung FIRST KISS and FIRST BOYFRIEND>:D

  4. K says:

    ayyy.. kinilig ako dun sa kissing under the rain. sarap ng feeling nun! hihi.. anyways, ayos tong entry na to ah. a month's worth of GT. naks 😉

  5. Mama Ko says:

    I wonder where's teofilo karon clang hehehe. sus pangan palang, lingaw na.

  6. Sherry says:

    hehe.. sis nice one.. wow.. under the rain kiss so romantic. oh yeah thanks for come to joyfulteary. You left comment there but I can't read pinay. 😦

  7. Sherry says:

    oh..kiss then get preg, hehe. must be more than just a kiss.

  8. Rossel says:

    nakakatuwa talagang alalahanin mga k a g a g a h a n natin. I like the word, lol! imagine kahit mabasa sa ulan basta kasama boyfriend. ako din ganyan e sa sinehan nga gusto ko 3 beses ulitin palabas. hahaha!may tag ako sa yo clang sa "topics on earth". have a great weekend!

  9. Seiko says:

    ok lang yun at least napagdaanan mo diba. hehe Ika nga ng isang song Every long lost road leads you to your special someone. 😀

  10. pehpot says:

    teofilo? ganda namn ng name nyan sis hihi

  11. Yami says:

    nakup, nadapa ka pa. di bale at least you were brave enough to ask the person you like for a date. :)kissing under the rain, aba e parang scene sa the Notebook 'yan. kilig naman ako dun. 🙂

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