Girl’ s Talk– Perfume

I bet this is the best meme of Niko ganda that GIRLS loves to talk about– girly things on earth! And for today’ s theme is all about PERFUMES!

I guess some of you gals have a signature scents and when I was still in my teens, I used to love Cool Water of David Off as my signature scent ( it was given as gift ) and when I started working here in Japan, I changed it to Poison of Christian Dior but when some of my co-workers started to use the same, I looked for a change and started collecting for more feminine fragnances. These are some of my perfume collections and I guess you have seen this perfumes on a TAG .It’ s not much but I love ’em all!! They’ re Happy of Clinique, Allure and No 19 of Chanel, Chris:1947 limited edition of Christian Dior, Weekend of Burberry, Rush and Envy of Gucci. I change my fave scents depending on my mood now.

How about you? I’ m sure you love scents! Share them here ^_^


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13 Responses to Girl’ s Talk– Perfume

  1. Mom of Four says:

    Wow ang dami, perfume galore tayo Clang ah..Hehehe.. Ang babango siguro nyan.. Penge isa..hahaha!here's mine..

  2. nuts says:

    if i'm to choose from the above perfumes, don ako sa Happy of Clinique..

  3. Meryl (proud pinay) says:

    ang dami mong perfumes ^_^ pa arbor ng isa ^_^

  4. chubskulit says:

    Wow ang dami nyan Clang hehehe..Here's mine

  5. Chris says:

    what a collection! i am not into perfumes thus no post for today!

  6. Meikah says:

    Good collection, and all good! 🙂My first Girls Talk entry is here.

  7. nikogirl says:

    wow!! for sure ang bango bango mo clang.. hmmmmmm paamoy pag uwe mo rito ha? karamihan ng perfume mo sa mall ko lng nkkta eh.. this time aamuyin ko na sila :)thanks for joining this week.. seee u again next week ha.. fave shoes naman!ingat lagi!! stay safe ha.. iwasan ang bagyo.. mwah mwah

  8. Enchie says:

    Hindi puwedeng hindi mawawala ang Clinique talaga. Must check Allure, pati si Mommy Jac meron.

  9. Seiko says:

    I used to love Poison of CD too but I sticked to Chanel 19 talaga hindi nakakasawa ang amoy,Pareho pala tayo ng type ng pabango.Btw,napanood ko nga sa tv ang bagyo dyan grabe talaga,dito sa amin hindi masyado malakas ang hangin kaya hindi na suspende ang klase.'m sure wala na ang bagyo dyan when you read this.Oyasumi!:D

  10. shydub says:

    Mga perfume mommy ang dami ng mga pabango, may chanel ka rin dito. pwedi ma sample hehehe

  11. kikamz says:

    hmmm.. ang bango naman lahat ng nyan mommy clang! akin na lang ung isa jan! hahaha!pareho tayo ng love for clinique happy and cool water. naku, pag meron na tayo kapareha ng scent, palitan na agad! hahaha!

  12. darly says:

    i used to love clinique happy back in college- its so feminine kasi.

  13. Yami says:

    wow dami collection ng perfumes.

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