Girl’ s Talk–I Love Me!

I’ m joining Niko of Girl’ s Rule! every Thursday fun meme and for today’s theme: I Love Me: Why you love being a Girl

Oh! I love being a girl!! I love staying on my pajamas in the morning with a cup of coffee in the weekends while watching Keroro Gunso anime, laughing at my husband’s bed hair and having two loving daughters surrounded me. I love waiting until the kids are all asleep and pulling out beer for Yochan and me. I love being the hostess and having a satisfied feeling after everyone has gone home. And here’ s more: A month ago, my husband has been thinking of that if one day Wakaba and Haruka won’ t want to kiss him anymore. My husband is right–eventually here in Japan, it won’ t be cool to kiss a Dad as they grow up but because I am a woman, I always get a shower of kisses and hugs at the end of the day! OH! It’ s great to be a girl!! (^0^)/

How about you? Do you love being a girl? For more Girl’s Talk, head up here


George Daniel Arevalo Samson, 5 months old son of Nikos high school friend Clarissa has biliary atresia with cirrhosis and is in immediate need of liver transplant. The operation has never been done in the Philippines and the doctorโ€™s advice is to go to Taiwan for the cheapest operation of which will cost roughly 3 Million Pesos ($60,000).

Please help baby Daniel by donating at Niko’ s blog thru Paypal and your little help will bring him to Taiwan the soonest! Thank you very much!


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12 Responses to Girl’ s Talk–I Love Me!

  1. nikogirl says:

    aw dad's sad at this early! if this will console ur hubby clang, tell him i am 28yo and my father is 70.. i always kiss him.. i love kissing him ๐Ÿ™‚ its cool! heheheh. so he shld not fret. he is a sweet dad tlga :)and dear.. bongga ka kasi u are living a sweet life.. see? pag gising nakapyjamas while having coffee.. and with two kulit and pretty girls beside u.. tapos hostess and chef in one! ๐Ÿ™‚ bongga! hindi mo tlga feel maging girl..anyways girl thanks for ur support on $3 for daniel ha.. hinati ko ung white envelope, the other one for the choir's (2nd uniform) and the other one for daniel ๐Ÿ™‚ hope u dont bongga ka tlga dahil muntik na ko himatayin sa package mo.. how did u know yena's size?? ugn dress ung slippers.. sukat na sukat!! and she loves them silipin mo smile nia http://www.yenaeras.blogspot.comi cant say thank you enough clang.. grabe thanks for everything.. thanks tlga.. thanks for joining this week.. see you next week!! love u girl!!hugs and kissesnikogirl

  2. Mom of Four says:

    wow, you do love being a nice life you have there. well, your girls are still young, they shouldn't stop showering their daddy with kisses. Encourage them for your hubby will be so happy if his daughters will be so close to him as they grow up. I always tell my kids to give daddy kisses, or say goodnight to daddy and give him goodnight kisses. Sometimes, they just need to be reminded and soon, it will come naturally for them.Have a great day. By the way, how thoughtful of you to send Niko a package from Japan.. You want my address too?? Hehehe.. My meme is up too, take a look..

  3. nuts says:

    oh yeah, great to be girl!

  4. kikamz says:

    i so love your post mommy! it speaks a lot of many women who chose to be housewives full-time! the rewards are indeed very fulfilling! the hugs and kisses that we get every single day is worth a treasure!

  5. Rossel says:

    i can give you my address too clang. lol!i am still kissing my dad and my dad-in-law. dito kase sa atin ok lang iyon.sarap naman ng umaga mo clang. pareho tayo ang kaibahan lang e isa lang ang makulit dito. lol!

  6. Genejosh says:

    i think it's a "sad" part sa hubby moto think na pagdalaga na mga girls mo di na cool magkiss sa dad but anyway anjan ka naman sis magkiss sa kanya..he..he..Buti ka pa sis, you love being the hostess..ako di naman hate but I'm not exposed to hosting..I really admire friends with passion and talent in hosting..he..he..maybe because I can't cook "bonggacious food"…LOL!Mine is here sis sa other blog ko: add you there too…

  7. Beth says:

    Yes you are right! Our kids can kiss us until we're old and gray pero ok pa din tingnan! :)Dalaw ako dito tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. kAyE says:

    awww..tama un guys aren't as expressive as girls kaya when it's time to show emotions through actions, awkward sila, lalo na as time passes. :)here's mine:

  9. shydub says:

    Well, its time for you clang and your hubs to make another baby kasi lumalaki na si wakaba at haruka.Buhay reyna ka talaga ng asawa mo ano, ang sweet nman. I only love being girl for the fact that girl can bear a baby and boys cant

  10. Yami says:

    relate ako sa kisses na yan. lam mo my kids rarely say i love you to their dad although he (hubby) gets his share of kiss from both kids. wala eh sa nanay mas marami ang yakap at halik galing sa anak.

  11. Dhemz says:

    waaaaaa…bongga talaga si mami clang…..I adore you….love being a girl too….love shopping!….ehhehehhe….:)woi, unfair naman ano..ganon ba talaga jan…..hmmmm…pwede naman atang mag break ng nakasanayan diba? hehehe….:)thanks for sharing mami dear…kagagaling ko lang sa skul….:)weekend na naman ano..san nyo plan mag bonding this weekend?daan muna ako dito ha…kisses sa mga girls mo…mwah!

  12. Seiko says:

    Ganyan yata talaga dito sa Japan mga kids ko nung maliliit lang sila nagkikiss sa papa nila pero ngayong teens na sila they are really aware of those kisses na.Saan ang plano natin this silver week mommy?

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